Wera "Tool-Check" driver set

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I received this great little Wera tool set in the post today. It has 28 various driver bits, a 1/4" hex to square adaptor, a bit holder, and an unusual tool that Wera calls a "Bit-Rachet" that takes standard 1/4" hex driver bits.

Slide the manufacturer's name badge up and the case opens for access to the bits. It's a nice design - the bits can't fall out, and you can tell immediately if there's one missing, handy for making sure you pick up all your tools at the end of the job. There's a pocket in the top for the ratchet, which is released by sliding the grey cover back. The bit holder slips into another recess in the top. The sockets fit on steel clips at the bottom, and as with the driver bits, they're a snug fit. On the back is a clip to let you carry the set on a tool belt.

The first thing that struck my eye when I opened the package was the Ratchet: it's tiny. I expected it to be small, but it's REALLY small. That's fine with me, I wanted it for tight spaces, and those times when you need more torque than you can get with a standard driver. The manual says it's good for 65 nm of torque, which seems an awful lot for such a small ratchet. The look and feel is top class, and the quality feels excellent, which it should be.

A 13 mm socket is the same diameter as the head of the ratchet. Access problems are unlikely...

The bit holder is also excellent - it holds the bits tightly, but pops them out when you slide the collar down.

Wera is a German company, and this set was made in Germany. Not all their tools are, but the ones I have were, and the quality really shows.



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